Highlights from #SELFIES 25 July

We were much in need of a wind down after the hugely bonkers 6 June 1st Birthday Extravaganza event last month and so decided we’d host a laid back evening with fewer performers doing longer sets of their own material. Despite a low attendance, due to end of school year, holidays and the Victoria line being closed, It was still a great night for performers and audience alike. Which goes to show it’s sometimes about quality and not quantity in terms of both audience and live performers.

First up was Rebecca Jade, with her new wave, acoustic grunge sound and nifty fret work.  She performed an acoustic  set of five songs from her full band studio Album The Distaff Muse. My favourite being Shaking My Heart (where my head should have been).   She had great support from her family, including not quite two year old son Celyn.  Hear Rebecca’s studio sound  http://rebeccajade.bandcamp.com/  See Rebecca on our She17 You Tube Channel here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xa64JMvfCHM

Next up was someone new to She17, who’d caught our attention through a post on Facebook. Katy Anderson played a stunning set from her Out of The Darkness album. Her soulful vocals and  upbeat tenor ukulele (Soulkulele) made for compelling listening and watching.  She bought friends and family along to support and will be coming back to She17 later in the year. Can’t wait to see her? then find out more here http://www.iam-kanderson.com/ and here’s the video clip that got She17’s attention https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXqReNiFfDo

Jo Winning returned to She17 with a confident and bright solo acoustic set of five songs from her forthcoming album Cathcart Circle. This included two new songs and she got the audience involved by supplying percussion to her song In You. You can hear Jo’s music here https://soundcloud.com/jo-winning and may recognise some of the musicians listed on a few of these songs!

Next up was songwriting duo SULK, who performed four songs off their forthcoming debut studio EP, The Daft Articles.  Sulk are Kim Watson (Guitar and vocals) and Angie Hillcoat (Guitar and piano), with Pam Donladson joining them on bass for their opening song Avalanche,  a piano based dramatic ode.   Angie then stepped  down from her keyboard podium to take up her guitar and Tracy Dover joined them  on vocal harmonies for the rest of their set.  Revolve and Fall (now known as the plinky plonky song,  for Angie’s harmonic riff on guitar) was next, then Sing Little Sister and the set ended with Sulk’s newest/fastest number Petit Mouchoirs. A few demos and live recordings of SULK songs can be found here. https://soundcloud.com/kimmi-watson

She17 regular Sam Kurt, headlined with her five songs all written in the past year.  Her whole family came out in force to watch too, with one of her daughters capturing some great video highlights. She started with Stains, on which Natalina Castiglioni provided harmonies. She then played Honest which Angie added some lead guitar to.  Her new song Soul Food was next, followed by her latest and probably greatest song, The Crowd, for which Kim played bass and Angie tambourine too.  Her encore was Trust for which the audience joined in on the acca-percussion part before the end.  Sam will be recording these songs very soon.  A live clip of The Crowd can be seen here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=764964866893571&id=100001401935997

The evening ended with audience requests for more and an impromptu solo performance by Kim, of Sulk’s own murder ballad called Ghost of A Girl, also likely to figure on the Daft Articles EP later this year.

Sam Kurt and The Crowd
Sam Kurt and The Crowd