New Music from She17 Artists

She17 house band Sulk93 have released a new 7 track EP, most of which including title track Pants on Fire, have been performed at She17 events in the past few years. Written by Kimmi Watson and recorded in lockdown at home, these songs have been released digitally via Distrokid and can be heard on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google, TikTok and other platforms. LISTEN HERE


Here’s a bit more about each song on the EP.

PANTS on FIRE is a collection of seven songs written by Kim Watson, five of which have been performed live over the past two or three years by the band and two of which were written and recorded by Watson since Sulk’s last full band gig in 2019. 

Track 1, PANTS on FIRE was written in 2018 and is dedicated to all the bull shitters of the world and was inspired by a proliferation of people making promises and then not keeping them, be it politicians, authority figures or fair-weather friends! 

Track 2, Mrs Dalloway is inspired by the screenplay of the film The Hours. Originally written in 2017, it is an imagining of the final thoughts of the late Virginia Woolf!

Track 3, Anymore 2020, is a stark realisation that the environmental, social and emotional world has changed around you and there is no going back to how it used to be! Originally written in 2017 it is quite pertinent to this past year. 

Track 4, Contract Cleaner, was written in July 2019 originally for a Sulk 93 studio jam. It is about the joys of working freelance, whether as a cleaner, writer or a fictional TV assassin. It has been described as the love child of Keith Richards and Villanelle! 

Track 5, The Eyes in The Wall, was originally written in 2017 and is inspired by the short story the Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The song is a band favourite to play loud, live or in the rehearsal studio. 

Track 6, 24 hours to escape this place, is the only song on the EP yet to be performed live by Kim or the band. It was written during lockdown in August 2020 and is about realising the urgency to move on, and fast! 

Track 7, Don’t Ask!!!, was written in 2018 and debuted live shortly after at She17’s Shefest #4 event, as part of Sulk’s set. It is a fun, childish, fickle, shallow, pop bitch about not taking too kindly to someone! 

The PANTS on FIRE EP was written, performed recorded and mixed at home in Walthamstow by Kim Watson, between May and November 2020. With love and thanks to Ruby Hillcoat for the drum track on Contract Cleaner, plus Angie Hillcoat and Pam Donaldson for their live interpretations when performing these songs, which have also helped shape some of these arrangements. I’m Looking forward to being able to play these songs together again soon!  

She17 Founder Kimmi Watson has also been busy writing and recording new songs for a solo LP called Nature Interupted by Civilisation.

Recorded and mixed between March and November 2020 at home in Walthamstow this introspective, raw, honest, sometimes optimistic, exploratory lockdown project charts the challenges and benefits of the “new normal”.

“As we appear to have come full circle to the uncaring times of Thatcher’s Britain, in terms of social, economic and political tensions, a hint of 80s indie pop has been applied to some of these songs (at least that was the idea).” Says Watson.

Nature Interupted by Civilisation was released last week on Soundcloud FREE and can be enjoyed here.