Wall of Fame

We’d like to thank the following fabulous women, girls, non-conforming folk and ensembles for performing at one or more of our events since June 2013:

Jennifer Ann

Katie Anderson

Angela Andrew


Aural Air

Katt B.

Lewis Barfoot

Be Good Tanya, Serena, Jane, Lesley…

Bity C.Booker

Dolly Banks-Baddiel

Emily Barker

Donna Bibby

Natalina Castiglioni

Emilia Catlin

Jane Clare

Julia Clarke

Jelly Cleaver

Jude Cohen

Cara Consiglio

Countess Bassey

Crow Hall

Finn D’albert

Rachel Darnley-Smith

Jo Davis

Eva Destruktion

Deux Furieuses

Pam Donaldson

Tracy Dover

Jemma Engle

Theresa Elflein

Clare Farrow

Jemma Freeman

Steph Godderidge

Jessie Godwin

Nell Godwin

Grey Coverage



Angie Hillcoat

Pauline Hilton

Hippy In Leather


I, Doris

Ich Bin Finn

Rebecca Jade

Matilda Kurt

Megan Kurt

Sam Kurt

Lady President

Megan and Maia Lane

Leah, Lizzy and Maddy

Leisure Centre

Lilibeth Sings


Tamara Littleton

Karen Logan

Tenzin Lobsang

Mal (Marilyn Collins)


Shabsi Mann


Sarah Marks-Spence

Marty Broke My Heart

Auntie Maureen DJ


Laurie McNamee

Freya Meadows-Robinson


More Peas ( feat. Lucy Bantam & Muriel Go)

Natural Voices Choir

Naz & Ella

The Ondines

Ella Palmer

Pam’s People

Chris Paouros

The Pencil Capo Three (Mia, Ciara and Ella – Below)

Lexie Potgieter

Ali Reader

The Redbush Ts (Ali, Tracy & Kim)

Lizzy Renihan

Jane Reynolds

Leslie Reynolds

Serena Reynolds-Lomax

Ty Reynolds-Lomax

Liz Rivers

Dolores Rocket DJ

Sam, Dee & Alice

Amy Seargent

Clare Shaw

Anna Shorten

Chuck SJ-Hay


Skin And Blister

Sonic Flute



Efa Supertramp

This Is Cleo (Carole & Ellie)

Tres Bien DJ

Bette Tunstall

Marion Tunstall

Julie Usher

Beth White

Jo Winning

Thank you to all the above singers/musicians for helping us put on a show or several in our wonderful six years plus of bringing live women’s acoustic music to the ’Stow.

Here’s to the next exciting year ahead for women musicians in E17 and everywhere else .

And not forgetting our lovely audiences!

The crowd show their appreciation